Market leaders publish their rates on our system, both spot rates and scheduled tariffs.

Skyspace offers rates to over 100,000 forwarders and provides the most efficient booking and payment process available in the industry. By using our digital sales channels our partners streamline their sales process by reducing cost and receiving payment faster.

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Increase Sales

Why pay for sales when we can do it for you?
Skyspace will market your rates to over one hundred thousand freight forwarders, by bringing you direct to the decision maker at the exact point of purchase you will increase your sales. Put your products and services in front of the right people at the right time.
Improve communication and cut costs.
Redirect your valuable resources to critical areas of your business by leaving basic communication to Skyspace. Using industry leading technology Skyspace will handle the standard communication on your behalf, you focus on the exceptions and key issues. Fewer emails and phone calls means lower cost.

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Marketplace analytics

Skyspace analytics allows you to view supply and demand in real time and make informed decisions based on real time data. Use our analytics to avoid wasted capacity and insure you are giving the market what they need when they need it. Accurate and live data are key to driving short term sales and increasing revenue automates sales process are proven to increase market penetration and reduce operational complexity and direct and indirect cost.
By gathering, processing and delivering data we can provide the most agile and dynamic pricing system in the market.

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We've built some great features to make your life easier, from start to finish of your air cargo booking process.